Welcome to Glenn Welt Island

Aside from Sammy, my Galaxy Note 3 and pizza, looks like this vast tropical paradise needs a few more things
before we can call it my Main Home (until it's complete, I might cruise the med on Azimut & keep other homes on dry land).

Waggin Train Jerky Treats Chicken danger DANGER!
Waggin' Train Jerky Tenders might have killed my dog in June 2012
if I hadn't gotten him to vet.
My American Eskimo was violently ill
for a week, underwent numerous tests & treatments at vet.
Vet suggested bad dog food or treats as possible cause so I did some research.
Despite numerous complaints,
FDA hasn't recalled Nestle/Purina productbecause
they have yet to
pinpoint why this MADE IN CHINA import may have sickened & killed dogs.
As of 9/23/2013 FDA has received over 3,000 complaints, including over 580 deaths
from China made pet products.
DEAR FDA & CDC: Here's a CLUE: Tests done DECADES AGO
found that Propylene Glycol in small doses acts as POISON over time!
Europeans know this and limit food use so
why doesn't CDC and FDA know this?
Next time you see China dog food or treats on a store shelf,
Ask a store manager
why they sell pet foods that may be
deadly poison from China!
Buy Canidae MADE IN USA Grain Free dog foods.
2014 update: Since switching to ONLY AMERICAN MADE dog food & treats
Sammy's coat has grown back (most had fallen off due to the "China Poison")
he hasn't been sick for even one day in the past 26 months !

He has computerized child's toys.
Amazing watchdog...alerts when ANYONE approaches our home 24/7 from ANY direction!
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